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image In-ground lights
In-ground lights
Cерия линейных светодиодных светильников встраиваемых в грунт. Разработаны для соз­да­ния световых геометрических фигур на улицах, тротуарах и площадях.
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image Park and garden lights
Park and garden lights
Cерия линейных светодиодных светильников встраиваемых в грунт. Разработаны для соз­да­ния световых геометрических фигур на улицах, тротуарах и площадях.
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image Facade lights
Facade lights
Facade lighting - the ability to highlight the building with original decorative lamps and street lamps. Competent organization allows in the evening or at night to preserve all the architectural beauty of real estate objects. In the company HELISONS will help to issue any house with high quality. They will create facade fixtures that will attract attention to the exterior decor and original elements of decoration. Kinds To illuminate the facades of buildings or country houses, you can buy different street lamps - point models to choose from. Lighting devices are divided into the following types: • Ground or ground. Lights, lamps are installed near private houses - they are used not only to illuminate the facade, but also to highlight various elements of the landscape. Mounted in the ground or on the basis of concrete / asphalt. To increase stability, they are additionally reinforced with metal frames. • Wall mounted. The action of the facade fixtures is carried out on the basis of illumination by means of the reflected flow. The “screen” or wall surface is located at some distance from the electrical source. This way you can illuminate large areas without “blinding” the eyes of people. • Embedded. Classic street lamps are installed for lighting in special niches on the facade of the building. Little different from the usual models. • Overhead. Presented by facade lights or lanterns using different LED (LED) lamps, which you can buy for a country house at HELISONS. Popular in the design of buildings. Hundreds of colors are available to create fancy contours. Application area Lanterns for high-quality illumination of the facade surfaces of cottages or country houses are universal. Used everywhere. Installed to design not only residential properties, but also other real estate: • Museums. • Historic buildings. • Shopping and entertainment centers. • Cafe / Restaurant. • Office and business centers. • Sculptural ensembles, steles, monuments, fountains. Benefits Street facade devices and lamps with the use of durable LED lamps (available at HELISONS) are common. Possess advantages: • Resistance to the negative effects of natural factors. • Easy installation / disassembly. • The ability to create light unusual images and contours on the front surface. • Reliable operation for several years. • Even, stable light without changes and sharp blinks. • The original appearance of lighting. • High degree of protection against electric shock. • Wide temperature regime operation. Lamps are not afraid of cold weather and heat - uninterrupted lighting of columns and other elements of the facade. • Anti-vandal protection. HELISONS will fulfill any orders. Specialists will design and manufacture front lamps of different types: flat, with sensors, diode, etc. Lamps for the facade of different buildings: how to choose street lighting? Exterior facade lighting requires the installation of reliable lights. When buying pay attention to: • Degree of protection IP. • Quality of power supplies. Ability to work with sudden temperature changes. • Angle and brightness of lighting. It is simple to buy LED front lamps or lamps - we will help with creation of street lighting. Illumination of facades from HELISONS: order LED (ICE) lamps for decorative design of high-rise buildings HELISONS designs, manufactures and installs front lights of various types for outdoor lighting. Cooperating with us is beneficial: • Individual approach to customers. • Own production. Use reliable materials. • Thousands of sample / personal projects completed. • Quality assurance. Permanent control at every stage. • Compliance with the timing of the order. • Special offer - front lamps from 16 999 rubles.
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